Tuesday, June 3, 2014

June 3 - Inwood Hill Park - mostly botanical walk

Dale Dancis came up from her usual haunts in Central Park this morning for a walk around Inwood. Migrants were very scarce. I did not see or hear a single warbler. We did hear an Alder Flycatcher call a few times in the northwest corner of the soccer fields at the north end of the park. There was a male Orchard Oriole singing from the top of a tree along the bay side at the north end of the soccer field. I have seen and heard him here for a number of days now, so I would guess he may be nesting in the vicinity (or at least thinking of nesting). Wood Thrushes were singing in the Clove and Warbling Vireos were around the soccer field. With the birds on the scarce side I spent quite a bit of time photographing plants. A few follow.

Yellow Iris                                                                               © Joseph DiCostanzo
White Clover is in bloom in all the grassy areas, but the showier Red Clover can also be found in a number of areas.

Red Clover                                                                        © Joseph DiCostanzo

Inwood has more Poison Ivy than any other NYC park I am familiar with. Naturally, we all try to give it a wide berth, so its flowers are probably not noticed very much, but many are in bloom now, though its flowers are relatively small and inconspicuous.

Poison Ivy                                                                                                     © Joseph DiCostanzo

Finally, near the top of the Clove Road I noticed coming up from the ground next to a fallen log some of these small, white fungi which I believe are in the coral group of mushrooms. The bright, white circular spots are droplets that reflected the flash from my camera.

coral mushrooms ?                                                                     © Joseph DiCostanzo