Monday, June 10, 2019

June 10 - Bridled Tern comes back to Great Gull Island

For the fourth summer in a row a Bridled Tern has appeared on Great Gull Island. I first spotted it two days ago on June 8. It is frequenting the same area of the island as the last two summers. Here is a picture taken today.

Bridled Tern 06/10/2019 Great Gull Island
 The island is a closed research facility so people cannot land, but last summer a number of birders did look for and see the bird from small boats offshore. Below is a map of the island indicating in red where the bird usually hangs out. Obviously the bird has to go off to feed at time, but I do not know what its schedule for that is.

Bridled Tern frequents the area marked in red on northeast corner of Great Gull Island.