Thursday, March 6, 2014

Inwood Hill Park, Mar 6, 2014 - White-winged Scoter, leucistic Canvasback

Lots of variety of waterfowl in the ship canal at the north end of Inwood Hill Park today: Canada Goose, American Black Duck, Mallard, scaup (female - probably Greater but it was far away and I didn't have my scope), Canvasback (three males, including a leucistic individual - all seen from my apartment window), White-winged Scoter (male, first seen from my apartment window - # 109 for my apartment list), Bufflehead (three - two males and a female; the pair seen from the apartment), and a Red-breasted Merganser (female).

leucistic Cnvasback                                                                                                                                      © Joseph DiCostanzo
White-winged Scoter (male)                                                                                                                     © Joseph DiCostanzo
UPDATE: I was happy to hear that at least two birders got the scoter as a life bird this afternoon!

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