Saturday, May 9, 2015

May 8 - Central Park - quieter

Beause of work commitments, I got in to Central Park later than the last two mornings and for a shorter time. It seemed much queter than the last two mornings, but still with a variety of birds around. I had forty-one species with a dozen warblers. I missed the Mourning Warbler that was heard by Roger Pasquier at the Point in the morning and then seen by many in the afternoon. My personal best bird was a female Cape May Warbler on the Point. From a listing standpoint, I did pick up one new bird for the year - I heard and finally saw Blackpoll Warbler. There also seemed to be lots of Scarlet tanagers around. Yellow-rumped Warblers were definitely in much lower abundance than a few days ago. My total list is below.

Canada Goose
Gadwall (male on Turtle Pond)
Double-crested Cormorant
Red-tailed Hawk
Ring-billed Gull
Herring Gull
Rock Pigeon
Mourning Dove
Red-bellied Woodpecker
Downy Woodpecker
Eastern Kingbird (Turtle Pond)
Warbling Vireo
Red-eyed Vireo
Blue Jay
Barn Swallow (2-3; Turtle Pond)
American Robin
Gray Catbird
European Starling
Worm-eating Warbler (male singing; Tupelo)
Northern Waterthrush
Black-and-white Warbler
Common Yellowthroat
American Redstart
Cape May Warbler (female; the Point)
Northern Parula
Yellow Warbler
Blackpoll Warbler
Black-throated Blue Warbler
Yellow-rumped Warbler
Black-throated Green Warbler
Eastern Towhee
Savannah Sparrow
White-throated Sparrow
Scarlet Tanager (indiividuals all around the Ramble)
Northern Cardinal
Red-winged Blackbird
Common Grackle
Baltimore Oriole
House Sparrow

[UPDATE: Realized I forgot Savannah Sparrow - added to the list.]

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