Wednesday, April 27, 2016

April 23 - Inwood Hill Park - Grasshopper Sparrow

The April 23 date in the title of this post is correct. On Saturday, April 23, Ricki Ravitts and Danny Karlson found a sparrow they did not immediately recognize on the edge of the soccer fields at the north end of Inwood Hill Park. After studying it they identified it as a Grasshopper Sparrow - a rare find for Inwood, or indeed almost anywhere in New York City. I ran into Danny in the park the next day and he told me about there find. It was another couple of days before I received Ricki's lovely photos of the bird which she has given me permission to post here. Enjoy! And try not to be too envious.

And to save the wondering, yes, I have looked for the bird since Saturday and there has been no sign of it.

Grasshopper Sparrow 04/23/2016 Inwood Hill Park
Grasshopper Sparrow 04/23/2016 Inwood Hill Park
Congratulations to Ricki and Danny on a great find. And thank you Ricki for permission to post your very nice pictures!


  1. I heard and saw a Grasshopper Sparrow 2 years ago in Inwood Hill Park. One of the few sparrows that I can ID by song. Sadly, the flash on my camera wasn't charged, so no pic. This was by the soccer field.

    1. Probably the same one I saw in May 2014. The only one I have ever seen in Inwood.


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