Wednesday, April 18, 2018

April 18 - Central Park - Summer Tanager

After work I went back into the park to look for the female Summer Tanager that had been reported at the southwest corner of the reservoir. The bird proved to be very cooperative, giving nice views.
female Summer Tanager - 04/18/2018
While watching the tanager I picked up my first swallows of the year. Tree, Barn, and Northern Rough-winged swallows were all flying over the reservoir. Word also reached the birders enjoying the tanager that a male Summer Tanager had been found at the Conservatory Garden further north in the park. While many headed that way to see the male, I headed down to the pond at 59th Street to try for the Seaside Sparrow that has been there for the last three days. Though I had heard most people had gotten great views of the bird it eluded me. Probably because of all the people activity. At one point, a small dark sparrow suddenly appeared among the reeds along the shoreline, but alas, it was a Swamp Sparrow. The sun had disappeared behind the tall buildings to the west, but I took its picture anyway.
Swamp Sparrow - 04/18/2018

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