Wednesday, August 8, 2018

August 8 - Bridled Tern continues on Great Gull Island.

The adult Bridled Tern first spotted on Great Gull Island on August 3 continues to frequent the same northeast corner of the island. While the island is not open to casual visitors I have received inquiries from birders about where exactly on the island the bird is generally seen. People want to try to spot it from the lighthouse tour boats that go by the island. At least one birder was apparently successful. Below is a map of Great Gull with the area the Bridled usually hangs out indicated in RED. Obviously, the bird goes out to feed sometime, but I do not know its schedule or where it goes. When present the bird is often resting on the upper rocks in the area indicated or flying around in that vicinity.

Bridled Tern frequents the area marked in red.

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