Wednesday, April 24, 2019

April 19/23 - Inwood Hill Park - Nathan O'Reilly hotstreak

I have done a lot of birding in Central Park in recent weeks and less than I usually do in Inwood. However, I must mention the hot streak Nathan O'Reilly has been on a hot streak in the park over the last week. On April 19, Nathan found a Marsh Wren along the shore of the bay north of the soccer fields at the north end of the park. Marsh Wrens probably occur annually in the park but they are easy to miss and are not regularly reported. (most reports are in the fall.) I know that park regular Danny Karlson also saw the wren on the 19th. On April 22, Nathan found two Blue Grosbeaks on the soccer fields. On a day of intermittent rain, a number of other birders got to see one, or both of the grosbeaks, thanks to Nathan's report - I got to see one of them in the late afternoon after getting home from work. On the evening of April 23, Nathan found a Yellow-crowned Night-Heron roosting in a tree west of Muscota Marsh in the park. He emailed me at 6:35 pm, but I was not logged into my email at the time. Luckily I did check my email about an hour later and saw his message. With light failing under a heavy overcast, I grabbed my binoculars and ran outside where I met a birder who told me he had just seen the Yellow-crown fly from the mudflats onto the grass lawn west of Muscota Marsh. I spotted the Yellow-crown after a quick scan of the grass. This was I believe my 213th species for Inwood Hill Park. Thanks, Nathan. May your streak continue!

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