Thursday, April 13, 2017

An early April Summer Tanager

On my April 12 AMNH Central Park bird walk, one of my regulars, Diane George, asked me if I could identify a bird she had photographed on Long Island the previous week. She showed me some pictures on her smartphone taken on Friday, April 7 in Kings Park, Long Island. Unfortunately, I couldn't be sure of what the bird was from looking at the pictures on the small screen of her phone. I asked her to email them to me so I could get a better view on my computer in the office. She did later in the day and I was able to identify the bird as a Summer Tanager!. It is not a record early date for the species locally, but it is very early and the first that I have heard of in the NYC area this spring. A couple of the pictures are below.

Summer Tanager 04/07/2017 ph. by Diane George

Summer Tanager 04/07/2017 ph. by Diane George

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