Thursday, April 13, 2017

April 13 - Lunchtime goodies!

Rather than eating lunch, I hopped on the subway and went down to West 28th Street to see the Cattle Egret that has been hanging out in a small green space on West 28th between 8th and 9th avenues. I was not disappointed. The bird was actively feeding on insects and things in the grass and seemed completely oblivious to the various birders and photographers observing him. Quite a sight for the middle of the city.

Cattle Egret 04/13/2017 - West 28th Street
Since the chase for the egret went so smoothly (and quickly), I decided on the way back uptown, I might as well try for the Red-headed Woodpecker that has spent much of the winter and early spring on the east side of Central Park near 68th Street and Fifth Avenue. Thanks to a birder/photographer who had just seen the bird when I arrived, I also saw this lovely bird in very short order.

Red-headed Woodpecker 04/13/2017 - Central Park
A very successful lunchtime foray!

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