Monday, April 14, 2014

Inwood Hill Park - Apr 14 - more flowers and butterflies, less birds

Went into Inwood early hoping for an early wave of migrants on the warm, southerly winds, but was disappointed. There seemed to be even fewer birds around than yesterday with the only warbler I could find being a somewhat dull Palm Warbler. I did encounter Nadir Souirgi and James Knox again at the meadow overlook, where they also thought things were quieter than yesterday. The only thing of note we saw there was a very distant Common Loon flying north over the Palisades, though I think Nadir said he had earlier seen one going over Inwood. Nadir and James later called me about a singing Northern Parula they found on the ridge near the top of the Clove road, but it could not be found when I came back for it.

Flowers, however, continue to increase with many more Dutchman's-breeches and Periwinkles in bloom than yesterday. I also came across a small patch of Cowslip/Marsh Marigolds in bloom. [UPDATE: I now think this is probably the very similar Lesser Celendine.]

Lesser Celendine ?                                  © Joseph DiCostanzo

While unsuccessfully searching for the parula I did spot my first Cabbage White butterfly of the season, a female based on the two spots on its forewing.

Cabbage White (female)                                    © Joseph DiCostanzo

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