Friday, April 18, 2014

Inwood Hill Park - Apr 18 - still cool with few migrants

Went for a short walk in Inwood this morning before heading downtown. It was cool and the last few days of cold weather seems to have brought bird migration here to a virtual standstill. Did not see a single warbler. I did come across a couple of Eastern Phoebes and a single male Blue-gray Gnatcatcher up on the ridge. White-throated Sparrows are still singing throughout the park.

The cool weather has not discouraged the Dutchman's-breeches wildflowers which look to be near their peak all through the Clove.Many more Periwinkles are out. Coming down from the Henry Hudson Bridge I came across the first cherry starting to bloom.

                                                                                                       © Joseph DiCostanzo

The winds do not look favorable for much of a flight tonight, the birds have got to come through sometime. Maybe tomorrow will be better than today.

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