Friday, April 25, 2014

Inwood Hill Park - Apr 25 - Cool, still very few birds

Another cool morning with few birds around. The only warblers I came across were three Palms north of the meadow on the ridge. An Eastern Phoebe was calling persistently from the vicinity of the Indian Caves in the Clove. My only new bird for the year was a calling Eastern Towhee on the ridge.

Though the birding was slow, it was a beautiful morning with crystal blue skies. The woods are getting prettier and prettier with flowering trees and more and more color. It is surprising how much behind the flowers are in Inwood compared to Central Park. Inwood is a few miles further north and at a higher elevation, but the difference is striking. Nevertheless, there is a green haze at many levels with all the new leaves bursting forth on the bushes and trees. Against this background and with the still mostly bare branches some trees are contributing their various colors. The Shadblow/Serviceberry is rapidly coming into bloom all through the woods, with layers of white blooms.

Shadblow                                                             © Joseph DiCostanzo

The native cherry trees, I believe Pin Cherry, are also now putting on a show in the park.

Cherry blossoms                                                                   © Joseph DiCostanzo

 Adding a splash of red here and there are the Red Maples.

Red Maple                                                                              © Joseph DiCostanzo
Also adding their own distinctive red are the developing leaves of the park's extremely abundant Poison Ivy.

Poison Ivy                                                                                      © Joseph DiCostanzo

 Providing a link to the past, I came across this near perfect oyster shell on the ground atop one of the old Indian oyster middens.

Oyster shell                                                                                         © Joseph DiCostanzo

 Even when there are few birds around there are still lots of things to see.

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