Wednesday, April 15, 2015

April 15 - Harbor Seal at Inwood Hill Park

Yesterday Danny Karlson posted on the inwoodbirdwatchers listserv he had a Harbor Seal by the Columbia dock along the ship canal at the north end of Inwood Hill Park. One was here a few years ago, but I believe I was out of town at the time - at least I missed it then. Today I came home from the office around lunchtime so I detoured through the park on the way from the subway, hoping the seal might still be around. I was thrilled to spot it out in the canal west of the Columbia dock. It was not easy to see - it spent a lot of time underwater, but I was finally able to get a couple of pictures from the base of the dock.

Harbor Seal, Inwood Hill Park, 04-15-2015.
After getting home I ate lunch sitting by the window and watching the water. I got one view of it, so it makes a great addition to my apartment list!

On the subject of mammals recorded from the apartment: the other night Ann and I could smell a skunk from the apartment. In birding I regularly count heard birds. I have not previously thought about whether an animal identified by its odor is countable? In the case of the skunk, I already have it on my apartment list having seen one coming out of the park from my window one night.

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