Friday, April 17, 2015

April 17 - Inwood Hill Park - Harbor Seal and other nature notes

It was an overcast and generally threatening looking morning in the park this morning, but there was no rain. Even before I left the apartment I was seeing wildlife - from my window I could see a Muskrat swimming around the middle pool in the Muscota Marsh area. When I got downstairs I could see the ned of the Columbia dock (not visible from my apartment) and there was the Harbor Seal hauled out on it.
Harbor Seal 04-17-2015 Inwood Hill Park
There were not many birds aorund during my walk up the Clove and along the ridge. About the only bird of any note was Savannah Sparrow on the soccer fields. However, the flowers are starting to bloom. Dutchman's Breeches were all through the Clove, though I would say they are still probably a week from their peak.
Dutchman's Breeches 04-17-2015 Inwood Hill Park
Also in the Clove I caught a quick look at my second butterfly of the season, after last week's Mourning Cloaks - a single Spring Azure which quickly disappeared.

Daffodils were also finally coming into bloom. (They have been in bloom down in Central Park for over a week now.) But, like the Dutchman's Breeches, I would say they still have a week or so before they peak.

Daffodil 04-17-2015 Inwood Hill Park
Up on the ridge, the Forsythia is also coming into bloom, and it is also trailing behind Central Park further south.
Forsythia 04-17-2015
Up in the Meadow Overlook, the Lesser Celandine has also started to bloom.

Lesser Celandine 04-17-2015 Inwood Hill Park
It is suppposed to be sunny tomorrow, though with the winds predicted to be from the northwest tonight, it does not look like good conditions for any serious flight of migrants. I am sure it will be a lovely morning to get out, as almost any spring morning is now that it is warming up.

On one other bird note, I received an email today from Ben Sadock that he and his son have been seeing a raven recently at the south end of Fort Tryon Park.

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