Thursday, April 30, 2015

April 30 - Inwood Hill Park

This morning while leading my AMNH bird walk in central Park I received a text message from James Knox that he had found a Cerulean Warbler near the overlook on the ridge in Inwood Hill Park. When I got home in the afternoon I made a quick trip through the park hoping I might find the Cerulean. i had no luck with the bird. In fact, i did not encounter a single warbler! However, I did come upon four species of butterflies: Cabbage White, Spring Azure, Mourning Cloak and my first Red Admiral of the season. The last two periodically chased each other around, but the Mourning Cloak alit on a dead leaf on the ground almost as if it wanted to frame itself for a photo while the Red Admiral only gave me a chance for a quick shot. Though the Mourning Cloak was nicely framed by the leaf, I am sure it was merely taking advantage of th afternoon sun.
Mourning Cloak 04/30/2015 Inwood Hill Park
Red Admiral 04/30/2015
Coming down off the ridge I encountered the first Greater Celandine I have seen in bloom in the park this spring.
Greater Celandine 04/30/2015 Inwood Hill Park
On the soccer fields there were a couple of Savannah Sparrows and a Chipping Sparrow. At Muscota Marsh a lone Northern Rough-winged Swallow was flying around hunting for insects.

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