Saturday, October 24, 2020

October 24 - Inwood Hill Park, Muscota Marsh: Pine Siskins again

I didn't get out into the park today, but in the afternoon when the weather cleared a bit I watched from my apartment window. Yesterday a single Pine Siskin was a new species for my apartment list. This afternoon there were 20-30 Pine Siskins (plus 10+ American Goldfinch) feeding in the plantings in Muscota Marsh. It was hard to know whether the flocks I saw flying around were always the same individuals or different groups so I don't know for sure how many siskins were about. The pictures below were all digiscoped from my apartment window.

Pine Siskin - Muscota Marsh - 10/24/2020

Pine Siskin - Muscota Marsh - 10/24/2020

Pine Siskins - Muscota Marsh - 10/24/2020

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